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Submit and share Market Data for Elite: Dangerous. Supporting TradeDangerous trade optimizer.

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Database currently holds 66500 Stations in 19634 Systems, 35669 Commodities Markets in 16348 Systems, 2419525 Prices
Sun 13th Nov:EDDN listener was down for the last week (how rude of me to take a break at the exact same time!). It's up again now and prices that were missed will be merged in over the next few days.
Wed 21st Sep:Upgraded EDDN listener to accept v3 Commodity schema messages - most publishers will be sending those msgs within 2 weeks. Expecting new items to come in the release of v2.2/1.7 soon.
Remarkably MMS has continued to work with minimal maintenance for the past year, but traffic has increased to a point where it is becoming hard for me to finance monthly (I have to pay for traffic). I may have to put a donate button on the front page.
Sat 28th May:With the release of ED v2.1/1.6 there are new commodities. These have been added to the Item.csv file. Be sure to download the latest Item.csv file into your data directory.
Tue 6th Oct:ED v1.4 CQC update is incoming. Ship.csv is updated with 'Federal Assault Ship', 'Federal Gunship' and 'Imperial Eagle'. We may not see Shipyard updates until I check the names from EDDN match.
20/01/2018 9:57:36 AM@BD+29 2405/BENYOVSZKY STATION
20/01/2018 9:57:32 AM@ERANIN/AZEBAN CITY
20/01/2018 9:57:27 AM@KUK/PERGA CITY
20/01/2018 9:57:23 AM@ELUSUGHNA/WALDROP CITY
20/01/2018 9:57:14 AM@LUTNI/ADELMAN TERMINAL
20/01/2018 9:57:05 AM@NANOMAM/HAHN GATEWAY
20/01/2018 9:57:01 AM@TENCHE/LUNNEY STATION
Submit files

This function accepts TradeDangerous.prices, Station.csv, Corrections.csv and ShipVendor.csv files generated by TradeDangerous. Prices are automatically received via EDDN and merged into the database, but prices can also be uploaded in TradeDangerous format using this function. New prices, stations, corrections, and shipvendors are added to the files downloadable below.

Download Data
Recommended command to import the required data directly to TradeDangerous: import -P maddavo -O corrections,stations,exportcsv
FileUpdated (UTC)Description
TradeDangerous.prices 19/01/2018 5:25:00 PM This is the full prices file from the shared database, all data (all timestamps). It is generated every 24hrs.
TradeDangerous-2d.prices 20/01/2018 8:01:39 AM This is 2days worth of prices data. It is updated every 2 hrs.
TradeDangerous-3h.prices 20/01/2018 8:40:37 AM This is 3hrs worth of prices data. It is updated on demand after a batch of data is processed. These three files together comprise the entire price database.
Station.csv 19/01/2018 4:22:49 AM Stations - this is rebuilt on demand when prices for new stations are added or station data is updated.
Import into TradeDangerous using the option --opt=stations
System.csv 1/12/2016 1:46:15 AM System Coordinates - 34361 systems from EDSC.
Import into TradeDangerous using the option --opt=systems
Corrections.csv 11/12/2017 4:01:56 AM Corrections file - a lookup table for name corrections for stations, systems, items and categories
ShipVendor.csv 3/11/2017 8:20:00 PM ShipVendors - Lists where to buy ships
Category.csv 19/03/2015 5:45:17 AM Item Categories - this file is fairly static
Item.csv 27/09/2017 5:58:41 AM Items - this file is fairly static
Ship.csv 25/10/2015 7:27:00 AM Ships - this file is fairly static
TradeDangerous is a cargo run optimizer for Elite: Dangerous written by Oliver "kfsone" Smith.
EDCodex - website with a comprehensive list of third party tools for Elite Dangerous.
Elite Dangerous Trading Assistant is a cargo run optimizer for Elite: Dangerous written by "Theo20185". Also see this page.
Elite Dangerous Star Coordinator (aka TGC - The Great Collector) by TornSoul is now the ED Systems TOR (The One Reference)
RedWizzard's ED-Systems is a great tool for working out coordinates and submitting to EDSC. I host a copy of his tool here: SYSTEMS , 3D GALAXY VIEW, SYSTEM INFO , SYSTEM ENTRY .
Starchart is an ED system map and navigation tool
Thrudds ED Tools for trading and navigation
Slopey's ED Trading tool for trading and navigation
EliteOCR - an EXCELLENT tool for capturing market prices from screenshots - info HERE
eddb - Elite: Dangerous Database - a great list of systems and commodity data with data editing run by themroc INFO HERE
HUD Customiser - customise your HUD colours
ED-TD (ED Trade Database) very elegant database of systems, stations and prices maintained by AnthorNet

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